G2 Verified Surveys

Survey the software market. 

Data is every strategist and investor's best friend. Survey data sourced from G2’s network of 1.5M+ verified software users? That’s a secret weapon for sharper investment and acquisition decisions.

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Strong yield starts with due diligence.

  • Make your picks.

    When we say robust, we mean robust. Pick from 1K+ products to survey. Then, choose your survey questions from our 75+ long list of proven prompts.

  • Launch your survey.

    In a matter of days, G2 sends incentivized emails to respondents who are verified users of the product.

  • Slice, dice, and act.

    Data is delivered to your digital doorstep—usually in less than 2 weeks—and scrubbed clean for quality. Perform analysis using a raw export or a data visualization that details product performance, consumer behavior and overall sentiment.

Tap into G2’s network of verified & engaged users.

80M+ software buyers and researchers rely on G2 every year to make software decisions. Extract unique insights from G2-verified users to unlock product performance, consumer behavior, and sentiment.

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