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Ground your research in the industry’s most accurate product data. Cut past the noise and find your next software opportunity using profile traffic, comparisons, and customer satisfaction scores from G2’s M+ buyers.

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Software buyer insights, straight from the market.

  • 10+ Years of Historical User Data
  • 2M+ Reviews
  • 90M+ Software Buyers
  • 1.6M+ Enterprises Searching G2
  • 100K+ Software Companies Listed
  • 145K+ Total Products
  • 2.1K+ Categories
  • 48 Total G2 Review Fields
  • 29.2M+ Visitor Patterns

Global teams with $3T+ in total AUM trust G2 Data Solutions.

The market’s authentic voice. Insight for investments.

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Gain an advantage over the competition by identifying product momentum, emerging trends, and B2B customer sentiment.


Spot similar companies.

Identify preference patterns when comparing products with quantitative benchmarking signals.


Analyze market share.

Map the market landscape with accuracy and efficiency.


Create alignment.

Empower smart decisions with proof points on adoption tracking, switching behaviors, and deal sourcing ROI.

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Evaluate strengths and weaknesses.

Arm yourself with real-time insights to forecast demand, reduce risk, and evaluate profit-bearing strategies.

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Available through your preferred delivery method.

Take your data where you need it to go.

G2 automates our first-party data delivery for faster analysis and better deal flow through our integrations, Amazon Web Services S3, Snowflake, and G2 dashboards.


Access your source of truth for software insights.

Support your B2B software investment and GTM strategy with the most accurate first-party buyer data available.